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"Mapping Today to Engineer A Better Tomorrow"


-Land Development Services
-Federal, State, and Local Permitting
-Municipal Approvals
-Engineering Plans
-Drainage Analysis, Planning, and Design
-Public Records Search
-Construction Observation
-HOA/ POA Consultation
-Condominium Documents
-Building Permit Expediting
-Commercial, Residential, and Agriculture
-Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CAD)
-Residential and Commercial Dock Permitting
-Long-term Monitoring of Project Mitigation
-NPDES Compliance Monitoring
-ACOE Compliance and Management Review
-Cost Estimating
-Traffic Studies
-Hydraulic Modeling 


-ALTA/ ACSM Title Surveys
-Elevation Certifications
-Boundary Surveys 
-Topographic Surveys
-Route Surveys 
-Residential Surveys
-Commercial Surveys
-Mean High Water Surveys 
-Bathometric Surveys 
-GLO/ BLM Retracement Surveys 
-Sketch and Legal Descriptions 
-Easement Preparations
-UAV Mapping
-Construction Layout
-As-built Surveys
-ADA Compliance Surveys
-Cut/Fill Quantities


-Identification of Exotic and Nuisance Plant Species  
-Habitat Restoration Plans
-Seawall Installation Permitting
-Benthic Biological Review and Seagrass Survey
-Coastal Construction Zone Permit Coordination
-Maintenance Dredging and Dredging Permitting
-Manatee Observation Services
-Coral Reef Ecology
-Preparation of Environmental Permit  Applications
-Wetland Mitigation Banking
-Mitigation Plan Design
-Mitigation Area Project Management and Plant Installation
-Wetland Preserve Area Maintenance
-Supervision of Controlled Burns